Display attacks with seconds

  • KES will calculate the time of arrival in with second precision using the servertime and a timestamp on the attack

Insert attacks into runtime calculator


  • Insert attacks into runtimecalculator is activated on the settings page

How it works

  • The attacksymbol in the first column of the table is converted into a link
  • Clicking on the link the runtime calculator will be openend and the coordinates as well as the time of arrival will be passed in

Go to runtime calculator documentation

Save attacks


  • Save attacks/show attacks on map is activated on the settings page

How it works

  • "Save these attacks" saves all attacks on the current page
  • Settlements under attack will be marked on the map

Go to map documentation

Load all attacks

  • If more than one page of attacks is present you can load them into on page using "Load all attacks"
  • After all attacks have been loaded you can filter through them

see below for more information on filtering attacks

Filter attacks

  • You can choose which column to filter
  • Either choose attacker or defender (Defender is the default setting)
  • You can enter playername, coordinates, alliance, contintent and settlementname into the search
  • Search starts automatically during input
  • Amount of hits is displayed besides the search
  • "Reset" empties the search and resets the results