Information Player


Export settlements as bb-code


  • Export settlements as bb-code is activated on the settings page
  • A thread inside the alliance forum has been saved. (How to save a thread?)

How it works

  • Click on "Enable BB-Code export"
  • Select settlements by clicking or dragging your mouse
  • Select all / deselect all selects all settlements or deselects them
  • Selected settlements can be sorted
    • by name
    • by coordinates
    • by points
    • by continent
  • Click on "Show as BB-Code"
  • Header is inserted at the beginning of every post
  • Footer is inserted at the end of every post
  • Settlementpresentation is used to display every selected settlement
  • Preview pane simulates the posts to be created
  • Click on "confirm" to have KES post the selected settlements into the thread saved in the alliance forum

Calculate trooppoints

KES calculates trooppoints using the number of settlements, settlement points, and overall points of the player and outputs an absolute value as well a a value in percent of the maximum. Trooppoints can be found in the last row of the player profile