Messages & Reports



  • Reports, messages and other events can be selected/deselected using their symbol
  • Symbols are located at the bottom of the inbox
    • Reports
    • Messages
    • Information
    • Losless reports
    • Reports with losses
    • Unsuccessful reports
    • Spyreports
    • Supportreports
    • Tradereports

Forward messages & reports


  • Massforward reports and messages is activated on the settings page

How it works

  • A form is added to the inbox in which a username (or multiple username separated by semicolon) can be entered
  • All selected messages and reports are forwarded to the player/players once "Forward" is clicked


Short BB-Code

  • "Short BB-Code" create a report using kingsage internal bb-code
  • This makes reports fit into the alliance forum again as fewer characters are used